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Although founded under its present name in 1973, the Wandsworth Symphony Orchestra can trace its history back to a group which met at the Putney Literary Institute in 1918.

It is now a major group for the performance of post-classical era works which give interest to every section of the orchestra. It is a society for fluent and advanced amateur players with the services of two professional musicians.

The Musical Director and Conductor appointed in mid-April 2014 is Leigh O'Hara, a distinguished pianist, percussionist, and teacher. Click here to see more details about Leigh and here about his predecessor in the role Keith Stent. A gala Farewell Concert took place, to mark Keith Stent's retirement in March 2014 after directing the society since September 1973 and its original evening institute class feeder group the Mayfield & Putney Symphony Orchestra for over 10 years before that. Click here to see souvenir photos of the March 22nd 2014 concert.

Over the past three years WSO has been pleased to rehearse and perform works by living composers and, in 2008, gave a concert which included some additional players from the borough's Saturday Music Schools. This new activity will be taken up in alternate years, to contrast with the Wandsworth Piano Competition, sponsored by A Hanna and Sons Pianos, which offers the winner a concert performance of a concerto with the orchestra. WSO receives a grant-in-aid from the borough Arts Department.

Click here for details of concerts and players.

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